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Experimental Ebola Vaccinations, Considered 'Paradigm Shift,' Begin In Congo

Health workers have unsheathed their experimental new weapon against the Ebola virus in the northwest reaches of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.... - NPR - 33 minutes ago

More US kids overdosing on ADHD drugs

Reuters Health - The surge in U.S. kids taking medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is having an unintended side effect, a ... - Reuters - 19 minutes ago

Most common childhood cancer 'partly caused by lack of infection'

Childhood acute leukaemia is caused by genetic mutations and a lack of childhood infection, scientists say. Sarah Boseley Health editor. Mon 21 May 20... - The Guardian - 3 hours ago

Baby hit by softball opening eyes, moving legs

A relative of the two-month old baby who was severely injured in an accident at a softball field earlier this month has informed supporters that the i... - Fox News - 4 hours ago

This Amount of Exercise Keeps Your Heart Young

New research suggests that in order to keep your heart in the best shape, you should try to exercise for at least 30 minutes four to five times per we... - TIME - an hour ago

Suicide rates for black children twice that of white children, new data show

This post has been updated. African American children are taking their lives at roughly twice the rate of their white counterparts, according to a new... - Washington Post - 4 hours ago

Nipah virus claims three lives in India, more than 40 being tested

New Delhi CNN Three people in the southern Indian state of Kerala have died of the Nipah virus. Two brothers in their late 20s and their aunt, 50, d... - CNN - 5 hours ago

Robots can now grow human organs

Is there anything robots can& t do? They can perform our jobs, get periods and now . . . grow human organs. Scientists at the University of Washington... - New York Post - 2 hours ago

Lower Vitamin D levels Linked to More Belly Fat

By Alan Mozes. HealthDay Reporter. MONDAY, May 21, 2018 HealthDay News -- Obese people who carry much of their excess fat around their waist are at ... - WebMD - 3 hours ago

DES Raises ADHD Risk in Grandchildren

The grandchildren of women who took the endocrine disrupter diethylstilbestrol DES during pregnancy face increased risk for attention-deficit/hypera... - Medscape - 4 hours ago

Community Helps Desperate Veteran Mocked For Selling Hearing Aids

NORTH MANKATO, MN — Gilbert Hoppe, 75, is battling cancer for the second time in his life. The Army veteran needed a car to get to his VA appointments... - - 3 hours ago

Study Says Tinder Users Don't Have More Casual Sex Than Nonusers

A study has found that users of Tinder or any other mobile dating apps do not acquire more casual sex partners than their nonuser counterparts. Resear... - Tech Times - 8 hours ago

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs And Other Summer Recreational Water Hazards

Is nothing safe any more? Just in time for summer fun, the CDC announced an increase in infections from swimming pools and hot tubs. In their new Morb... - Forbes - 9 hours ago

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WHO WHO The 71st World Health Assembly

The 71st World Health Assembly just started! You can watch live 🎥 #WHA71 - 13 hours ago View More


LIVE from the World Health Assembly: @DrTedros addresses the Assembly #WHA71 - 11 hours ago View More


FAKE LOVE by @BTS_twt is now officially my ring tone, message tone, alarm alert & brave-out-Lagos-traffic jam! Trac… - 4 hours ago View More

HuffPost HuffPost

A former health care executive in Texas has admitted to playing a role in an alleged $60 million Medicare fraud sch… - 7 hours ago View More


Astronomers have found the fastest-growing black hole ever seen in the universe. It's growing so quickly it can dev… - 14 hours ago View More

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"As Trump continues to throw money at a useless border wall, he’s leaving the entire nation vulnerable to deadly di… - 16 hours ago View More


Nurse dies from Ebola, Congo's health minister says, as the country begins a vaccination campaign; death toll at 27. - 9 hours ago View More

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