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Kids Tell Dads the Worst Thing They've Ever Done

Father& s Day is around the corner, so we went out on the street and asked young people to tell us the worst thing they ever did that their Dad doesn&... - ABC - 6 days ago

Watch This Painfully Awkward Teen Transform into a Rock God on 'America's Got Talent'

You are not ready for Courtney Hadwin. Howie Mandel was not ready. Simon Cowell was not ready. Heidi Klum was not ready. Tyra Banks was not ready. And... - Decider - 6 days ago

Is It Just Us or Does Amy Roloff, Like, Really Despise Caryn Chandler?

Little people, big drama! Matt and Amy Roloff announced their divorce back in 2015, and although they& ve each moved on, there& s been some tension on... - In Touch Weekly - 6 days ago

The Owl Theory Will Change How You Watch Netflix True Crime Doc 'The Staircase'

You& ve heard of Occam& s razor, haven& t you? The theory that, if there& s more than one possible explanation for something, the simplest one is usua... - - 6 days ago

Meet the guys who tape Trump's papers back together

Solomon Lartey spent the first five months of the Trump administration working in the Old Executive Office Building, standing over a desk with scraps ... - Politico - 9 days ago

Instagram's Wannabe-Stars Are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy

Three years ago, Lisa Linh quit her full-time job to travel the world and document it on Instagram, where she has nearly 100,000 followers since then... - The Atlantic - 7 days ago

This concrete can trap CO2 emissions forever

Concrete is the most abundant man-made material on earth. There& s a good chance you& re standing on it right now, and it& s holding up the buildings ... - CNNMoney - 7 days ago

How to pick a ripe melon every time

Ripeness is what we& re all looking for when we cut into a melon, right? No one likes flavorless fruit. Because of their size and weight, melons are m... - Mother Nature Network (blog) - 6 days ago

Why Justin Trudeau Is Able to Stand Up to Donald Trump

Right now is a nice time to be Canadian. Brought up in Canada, as I was, and married to a woman so Canadian that she is both Winnipeg Icelandic and Wi... - The New Yorker - 6 days ago

5 numbers to know for each team in the 2018 College World Series

This College World Series has something for every appetite, and not just the calzone at TD Ameritrade Park that& s the size of a carry-on bag. The eig... - - 7 days ago

Woman's racist tirade against Asian nail salon owner caught on video

A woman& s racist tirade at a nail salon in Lutz, Florida, was captured on video and has gone viral. A fellow patron of the salon, Robin L. Roether, f... - CBS News - 6 days ago

ICE Came for a Tennessee Town's Immigrants. The Town Fought Back.

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. — One morning in April, federal immigration agents swept into a meatpacking plant in this northeastern Tennessee manufacturing town,... - New York Times - 9 days ago

The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86

In September 1986, the city of Cleveland attempted to set a special record: the simultaneous launch of 1.5 million balloons. But fate intervened, and ... - The Atlantic - 7 days ago

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6 things to know about Junetee juneteenth

un human rights council

US Announces Its Withdrawal Fr un human rights council

colombia vs japan

Colombia vs. Japan: World Cup  colombia vs japan


Japan's World Cup Starts With  colombia

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6 things to know about Junetee juneteenth


6 things to know about Juneteenth and why it matters more than ever

US Announces Its Withdrawal Fr un human rights council

un human rights council

US Announces Its Withdrawal From UN Human Rights Council

Colombia vs. Japan: World Cup  colombia vs japan

colombia vs japan

Colombia vs. Japan: World Cup 2018 Live


UPDATE  The Broward County She xxxtentacion died xxxtentacion died

UPDATE The Broward County Sheriff's Office ...

Rapper Xxxtentacion shot and k xxxtentacion xxxtentacion

Rapper Xxxtentacion shot and killed in South Florida...

Colombia vs. Japan: World Cup  colombia vs japan colombia vs japan

Colombia vs. Japan: World Cup 2018 Live...

XXXTentacion Dead at 20 ... Sh tmz tmz

XXXTentacion Dead at 20 ... Shot in S. Florida...